marzo 29, 2012

It continues to increase

Most of our subscribers already enjoyed the exposure! IK_C C_._OB is one
step closer to its target of $.50!

Date: Friday, March 30th, 2012
Symbol: IK_C C_._OB

Latest news release of March 29:
GameFaceGaming, Inc. announced today that its site, when launched shortly,
will offer a innovative private table home game experience on its online
social gaming network "Face-Up Gaming". "We have already completed the
design and will very soon launch the best truly home game opportunity". This
news release will move IK_C C_._OB to 50 cents very soon. Get in
immediately! Follow IK_C C_._OB! Put it on your watchlist! Last 2 days
profit exceeds 52%! Exposure is closer!

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