mayo 09, 2012

Re: Business Venture

My name is Andrew Newton, and I am writing to you to propose a business
opportunity that offers the potential for high returns.

I am employed with a manufacturing company, which at this time requires a
product imperitive to its processing operations, at a price that is
significantly above the manufacturing cost. In my proposed business
partnership, you would fill the role of stand-in supplier, providing this
important material while retaining the same profit margins. My role would be
to introduce you to my company as the supplier and to get a contract between
you and my employer.

Please send a return email to confirming your
contact number and to arrange the most preferred time to discuss this
business opportunity in more detail. I look forward to speaking with you

Send reply message directly to as it is connected
to my mobile phone and is my preferred email.

Kindest regards,
Andrew Newton

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