julio 30, 2012

Bernanke Up for Anything

Would you be interested in an extra $30,000 this trading week? Would you be
able to invest $4900 into a extremely attractive company? V NDB made over
200% and keeps it rolling. The very similair compiting company have their
stock trading at $3.44 currently. Vendum inc makes battaries for mobiles, a
63bn market.

Vendum had been priced $1.20 in May 2010. What was the reason for such a
green day? The same major developements we see now. Vendum has a target of
$315 million in sales. It means overwhelming take home cash for You!

Trade Date: Mon, Jul 30th, 2012
Stock: V NDB
Buy at: 0.05
Target: .84

Buy $4900 of V NDB on 07/30/2012 - this Monday. Call broker or better yet
place your order online with (*Etrade or similair).

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