septiembre 17, 2012

This Stock Is Trending Higher, may breakout

Hello, would you strive to have $4000 this month? Allocate $360 in a
Profitable Stock: EM PM. It's targeted to hit $0.17 pps!

Trading Date: Sep 17th
Company: Empire Post Media, Inc.
Sym: EM PM
Priced at: $.012
Short Term Target Price: .17

EM PM is poised to develop into a profitable hot deal in marketing of 3D
content in United States of America. 3D TV set industry is ready to grow
huge by around 510%, Apartments with 3D TV sets will reach 374 mln in

EM PM to give big returns for You in September!!! Trade $360 of EM PM on
Sep, 17th. Tell your broker or sign up for online trading like Trader King.

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