octubre 04, 2012

New Green Baron Pick Coming Today

Trade: F_U EG
Suggestion: Purchase
Current Price: .30
2 Day Target Value 0.64
3 Day Target Value 0.9
Ten Day Goal on Price USD 1.20


F_U EG Third Popular League play tournaments season Finishes, The 4TH season

PRESS RELESASE Wednesday, Oct 3rd, 2012 NASDAQ: F_U EG is a Poker Gaming
company, this morning declared the completion of 3RD League Season. In
League play, golden members of the Company`s subscription gaming online
participate in up to 40 league tournaments during a two mos Season.
Participants who accumulated enough points to be in the top 35 percent, were
allowed to play in the top 35 PERCENT Last Round which features THIRTY
THOUSAND DOLLARS in cash and prizes as prizes. Members graduating in the top
Ten Percent of the over all field qualified and then played in both the top
thirty-five percent and the topmost Ten Percent championship matches with
the additional USD 20000 in currency and prizes over $50,000 in dough and

Rocket Hot Pick: F_U EG Its estimated to skyrocket to 2 price price per
share. CALL YOUR BROKER and PURCHASE 30000 shares. Trading starts Oct, 4.

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