octubre 13, 2012

Our Damnable Arabs !huna!

Did you know that Mohammad was a drunken, child molesting, cowardly pimp? The Ayatollahs and Terrorists do not want you to know the truth about Islam and promise to harm you if you tell anyone. Fight back and read this well written, totally funny, parody on the founding of the so-called religion.
The good non-biased reviews on Amazon.com "How Fatima Started Islam" are very accurate in describing this both laugh and insult per page well written novel featuring the always drunk proprietor of Mohammad's Saloon & Brothel. Still, available from Amazon.com and 234 truly funny pages at only $9.99. You will not be sorry, but do not import this book to the Middle East. The Terrorists DO NOT want you or anybody to read, publicize, promote,or purchase this book, they HATE the fact that this book exists and is being read.  Buying this parody is not only sticking up for American freedom it is sending a big message to Islam. 
How Fatima Started Islam

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See sample Chapters, the back cover showing Mohammad depicted after a 5 day bender (the terrorists hate this picture), read about the never sober Mohammad having sex with camels, pre-adolescent girls and boys, the terror, sneak attacks, killings, rapes, assassinations, mutilations, back stabbing and mental illness.  No other book in the world is at all like this one.  Strike a blow for American Freedom by reading it. 
NOTE: There is a concerted and subtle effort to manipulate Americans from buying or reading the parody.  A foreign based group, I'll call them 'the friends of Islam' are pressuring Amazon.com to cease selling the book and also to flood Amazon.com with bogus 'reviews' to dissuade Americans from purchasing it.  In a two week period 40 'reviews' rushed in, mostly with non-Arab names, telling people how horrible, petty, stupid, poorly written etc. the book was and not to buy it.  All 40 unanimously gave it the absolute lowest rating.  It was obvious that each of the 'reviewers' had not bought or read the book, many proclaimed that they would not under any circumstances read an anti-Islam tome.  From George III to Adolf Hitler many foreigners have tried to limit what Americans should be allowed to read.  Protect the First Amendment and do not be dictated by the Ayatollahs of Damascus , Bagdad, and Tehran. 

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