octubre 21, 2012

The moment we have been waiting for is here

Good Afternoon Readers!
TLP_C is making waves! #1 Queried Company On Board Central Today!!! Get
Your Orders In Right Away!!!

Date: Oct, 22nd
Company: Telpac Industries Inc
Trade: TLP_C
Per Share Cost: .32
Long Term Target: 1

TLP_C has appointed well known mobile gaming developers Revolution
Games, Inc to code 2 sports games that will contain graphics intense,
local gaming. Instead of charging buyers a set price up front, TLP_C
utilize the micro payment system used by developers like Valve. Micro
Payments advocate buyers to buy in-game upgrades to secure an edge over
other gamers. Both mobile games will be released in Q4 for the 100
million users on the Apple App Store and Android Market. Begin buying
TLP_C Monday, October 22, 2012 as early as the markets open!!! Talk to
your broker, otherwise, do it online by yourself.

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