julio 27, 2012

This is urgent

Would you be interested in an extra $10,000 this trading week? Can you buy
in $2700 into a super-nova symbol? V NDB is a 900% gainer. Their competiton
is valued at $3.44 at this time. Vendum inc is in mobile battery business, a
63bn market.

Vendum was traded at $1.20 two years ago. Why? Because of the major
developments and we see them coming this week. Vendum is working toward
making $315 mln worth of battaries sold. Which means outrages gains for the

Trading Date: Jul, 30th
To buy: V NDB
At this time: 0.05
Long Term Target Price: 0.90

Invest $2700 of V NDB this Monday, Jul 30. Call broker or better yet place
your order online with (*Etrade or similair).

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