julio 28, 2012

You might want to sit down before reading this...

Can we interest you in an extra $10,000 this trading week? Can you invest
$500 into a super-nova stock? V N DB has gained over 300%. The competition
have their stock trading at $3.44 at this time. Vendum inc makes battaries
for mobiles, a 63bn market.

Vendum had the share price $1.20 two years ago. What was the reason for such
a green day? The same major developements we see now. Vendum has a goal of
$315 million worth of battaries sold. It means as-good-as-it-gets take home
cash for the investors!

Trade Date: July 30th
Ticker: V N DB
Friday price: 0.05
9-Day Target: $0.62

Be sure to get your slice, buy $500 of V N DB This Monday, 30 July 2012.
Call broker or use your own online trading account (*Etrade or similair).

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