noviembre 11, 2012

More gains coming this week

The Hollywood lends their support to Obama election so, now Obama gives
it back! Big names like Jane Lynch, Zachary Quinto, Wanda Sykes, and
George Takei!

All of these celebs are all faces for and represented by this: GT R L

Ever heard of Cineplex, Cineplex Galaxy Income Fund or Imax? It is true,
they are big, with price per share above $100, but they skipped on
supporting Obama just a few days ago. GT R L capitalized from this
moment, they were very noticeable at president's support in LA - its
payback time now!!!

Name: Get Real USA Inc
Stock: GT R L
Current Price: 0.0157
Target Price: .24

There are experts who say GT R L to reach 0.24 next week or two. To
sum it all GT R L is making their money in filming the big star movies.
The market is $31bn and now with Obama's support they will enjoy a larger
share. The president supporters get huge paybacks, GT R L will bypass all
big companies in a matter of this month. BIG NEWS 9-11-2012: GT R L is
developing the Financing Plan, Dont waste a minute more, right away!!!

It's the high time to buy out all shares you can starting on Nov 19,
Monday! Invest $5000 or more on Monday!!!

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