noviembre 12, 2012

This Company is Breaking Out Today!

The Hollywood shows their support to Obama election so, now Obama gives
it back! Big names like J. Lynch and Z. Quinto, George Takei and Sykes!

All this stars are all faces for and represented by this: G T_R L

Have you heard of Cineplex, Cineplex Galaxy Income Fund or Imax? True,
they are huge, they trade over $100 today, they didnt do well on
playing with Obama when it mattered! G T_R L profited from this moment,
they frontlined supporting the President in LA - its payback time now!

Company Name: Get Real USA, Inc.
Sym: G T_R L
Last Trade: $0.02
8 Day Target: $.12

We guess G T_R L to reach .12 this week. Basically, G T_R L is
engaged in the production of genre pictures with big celebrities. This
is a $31 billion market and now with Obama's support they will enjoy a
large market share! Those who supported during the elections get it
back sweetly, G T_R L will bypass all major film players in a matter of
this month. JUST IN Nov 9, 2012: G T_R L Announces Development of
Financing Fund, Dont waste a minute more, get it done now!!!

It's the high time to buy out all shares you can starting November 19,
Monday! Invest $3000 or more Nov, 12th!!!

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